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post acute provider

Choosing the Right Post Acute Provider

Also known as sub-acute or transitional rehabilitation, post-acute care allows a patient to heal after an unexpected hospital stay. A comfortable setting with a compassionate team like Santé is ideal for patients who no longer need inpatient care, but aren’t ready to go home. With services to assist with pain management and wound care, post-acute care (PAC) can be critical to a full recovery.


Getting involved with the coordination of your loved one’s post-acute care is essential to allowing things to run smoothly. Just as you would build a relationship with the doctor at the hospital, we encourage you to build a relationship with your post-acute care provider. This will ensure you are choosing the right post-acute provider.


A Continuum of Care


At Santé, short-term rehab, home health care, and many other healthcare services are delivered through a continuum of care that focuses on providing the best possible experience for patients and their loved ones throughout the course of their journey. This is the difference that sets Santé apart from other rehabilitation centers across the spectrum of care, from rehabilitation and skilled nursing to hospice and home health.


At Santé, no patient’s care plan will look the same. Individualized care means your care team is taking the time to understand where you are on your journey, and creating a plan catered to your specific needs. As those needs change, your care changes too.


Holistic Approach


After a hospital stay, there may still be some work to do in terms of healing. A mind, body, spirit approach means thinking holistically. At Santé, we believe a treatment plan is not only physical but mental and spiritual as well. Pain can be felt in many different ways, and total healing goes beyond the body. It’s important to heal totally and completely in order to keep living the life you want.


Our short-term inpatient transitional rehabilitation facilities have been designed to be an uplifting, healing environment. The personal suites at many of our facilities have all the amenities necessary for a restful recuperation. They even have enough room for family members to stay overnight.


If you’re a family member of someone in need of post-acute care, we’re here to help. To learn more about the best options for continuing care in Arizona, we invite you to discover the benefits we offer at Santé.

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