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Basic Signs Your Loved One Needs Geriatric Care

How do you know when a loved one needs geriatric care? It’s not always an easy decision, but the team at Santé can help. Signs your loved one needs geriatric care may become apparent when caring for them yourself. Some situations are more obvious, but others may leave you feeling unsure about what to do.


Geriatric care, also known as elder care, is the process of managing the health care of elderly men and women who have physical or mental conditions that require long-term assistance. This type of care is often necessary to help improve your loved one’s quality of life and give them the tools they need to remain independent.


You might need professional care management if your loved one:


  • Seems more forgetful than usual
  • Is no longer able to perform daily tasks
  • Doesn’t seem to be eating
  • Isn’t keeping up with personal hygiene
  • Loses interest in their hobbies
  • Is living in unkempt conditions  
  • Has lost track of their finances
  • Has suffered a recent fall or accident


Make sure you have realistic expectations when considering if geriatric care is necessary for your loved. Everyone is different. What’s right for your neighbor’s elderly parents might not be right for yours. Whether or not to seek professional care should be something that is decided on an individual basis.


Prolonging this decision can be potentially dangerous for your loved one. Can you imagine if your loved one forgets to buckle their seat belt when they get behind the wheel? Even dropping out of social activities and hobbies can lead to dangerous physical and mental consequences. Most notably, though, is that the signs your loved one needs professional care are also signs of depression.


If you believe your loved one needs professional health care management, we invite you to discover Santé, where short-term rehab, home-health care, and many other healthcare services are delivered through a continuum of care that focuses on providing the best possible experience for patients and their loved ones throughout the course of their journey. 


From our Transitional Rehabilitation Centers to our Home Health services, Santé’s goal is to reshape the after-hospitalization care industry and revolutionize the way guests and patients heal their mind, body, and spirit. To learn more about the best options for geriatric care in Arizona, call us at (480) 563-2402 or visit a Santé location near you.

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