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Reasons Continuing Care is So Important

At Santé, short-term rehab, home health care, and many other health care services are delivered through a continuum of care that focuses on providing the best possible experience for patients and their loved ones throughout the course of their journey. This is the difference that sets Santé apart from other rehabilitation centers.


Think of a continuum of care like a spectrum of services. Health services change as the needs of the patient change. With elderly patients, most changes are the result of getting older, but can also be due to a hospital stay or chronic disease. If you have a loved one who has been on a health journey, then you probably know you need continuing care, but you might not know why. Here are some reasons why continuing care is so important.  



  • Individualized Care



Like we mentioned above, a continuum of care is like a spectrum. This is important because each patient is likely in a different place on that spectrum. At Santé, no patient’s care plan will look the same. Individualized care means your care team is taking the time to understand where you are at on your journey, and creating a plan catered to your specific needs. As those needs change, your care changes too. Continuing care means you’ll always have the care you need at any given time or place in your health journey.



  • Focus on Quality of Life



During your hospital stay, your nurses and doctors are there to help you get better, which is extremely important. Making sure your body is functioning to the best of its ability is of the utmost importance. Continuing care focuses on the quality of life in regards to your health journey rather than just a treatment plan. Your body may be back to normal working order, but is your life back to normal working order? An individualized care plan will help you get there.    



  • Mind, Body, Spirit Approach



After a hospital stay, there may still be some work to do in terms of healing. A mind, body, spirit approach means thinking holistically. At Santé, we believe a treatment plan is not only physical but mental and spiritual as well. Pain can be felt in many different ways, and total healing goes beyond the body. It’s important to heal totally and completely in order to keep living the life you want.



  • Prevention



When you heal to your fullest potential or take part in a maintenance plan for your health, you may be able to prevent something from happening again or manage symptoms better. For example, unexpected falls are common among the elderly. Practicing regular physical therapy through at-home exercises can help build strength and balance. As a result, the body may be stronger or nimbler if a fall were to happen again.



  • Ongoing Health Assessment



If you’re involved in a continuing care plan, you likely have a team of passionate nurses and doctors who are helping you along the way. This means you have a dedicated touchpoint with a health professional. If something new surfaces in terms of your health, you have someone to talk to. Assessing your health should be consistent in order to receive the ongoing care that is necessary for you.


If you’re a family member of someone in need of continuing care, we’re here to help. To learn more about the best options for continuing care in Arizona, we invite you to discover the benefits we offer at Santé.

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