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in-home skilled nursing

What to Expect from In-Home Skilled Nursing

In-home skilled nursing is a post-acute care option for patients who need continued care after an unexpected hospital stay or during treatment for a condition. Patients who need skilled nursing, and are able to go home, are ideal patients for in-home nursing services. At Santé, we know the importance of having family involved with the coordination of your loved one’s care. Here’s what you can expect from in-home skilled nursing.


A Continuum of Care


A variety of health services offered through our skilled nursing service will ensure your loved one receives a compassionate continuum of care throughout their recovery by healing their mind, body, and soul. Our specialized programs offer intensive and personalized post-acute and short-term rehabilitation specifically designed to help patients acclimate to being home while managing symptoms and medications.


Range of Services


We offer a variety of services to patients in need from the comfort of their home. In-home nursing services include:


  • Cardiopulmonary assessment
  • Medication management
  • Disease process education and management
  • Wound care
  • Intravenous therapy management


Specialized Programming


For patients with COPD, chronic pain, or congestive heart failure, Santé offers specialized programming. Depending on each individual’s need, a stay at one of our short-term rehabilitation centers may be necessary.


Compassionate Care Team


When choosing an in-home skilled nursing provider, you want to know that your loved one will feel comfortable and cared for during their treatment. It doesn’t hurt to ask if you can meet the people who will be caring for your loved one. At Santé, we are passionate about service, beginning with our care managers who focus on treating others as we would like to be treated.


From our Transitional Rehabilitation Centers to our Home Health services, Santé’s goal is to reshape the after-hospitalization care industry and revolutionize the way guests and patients heal their mind, body, and spirit. To learn more about the best options for post-acute care in Arizona, we invite you to discover the benefits we offer at Santé.

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