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long-term care

Short-Term versus Long-Term Care: What’s the Difference?

The rehabilitation treatment process begins with knowing the right type of treatment for your specific situation. Santé’s short-term rehabilitation services include physical, occupational, and speech therapy in addition to skilled nursing services. By understanding the differences between short-term and long-term care, you’ll be better equipped to improve your quality of life and recover from injury.  


Short-term care is a type of treatment that has a defined outcome. For example, treatment for an injury would be considered short-term care. The goal of short-term care after an injury would be to get the body back to normal working order. There is an end result in mind. This kind of rehabilitation service would include treatment sessions geared towards fixing that specific ailment, like physical therapy.


Long-term rehabilitation is a type of treatment not offered at Santé for those suffering from a chronic disease or other debilitating medical condition. For example, suffering from a stroke would require long-term care. Many chronic illnesses require long-term care as well. Long-term care is usually a sign that you’re moving into a care facility as your new home so you can receive treatment for symptoms and improve your quality of life.

long-term care


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