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Who Would Benefit from Home Health Care Physical Therapy?

Home health care services are beneficial to those looking to receive personalized care in the comfort of their home. Physical therapy is one of the most common types of home health care among seniors. Santé Home Health and Rehabilitation offers a variety of services provided to patients in the comfort of their home to ensure they receive a compassionate continuum of care throughout their recovery.


What is physical therapy?


Physical therapy is a type of treatment that helps restore and improve the functionality of the body. Physical therapists use specific techniques to help reduce pain and increase mobility for better strength and balance. Regular physical therapy sessions can be extremely beneficial to improving flexibility and strength, which can even help prevent falls.  


Some of the benefits of physical therapy include:


  • Improving endurance
  • Rehabilitation following surgery
  • Enhancing posture (walking technique)
  • Increasing mobility and strength


Who would benefit from physical therapy?


Physical therapy has many benefits to the body’s physical performance. Seniors most commonly need physical therapy after a fall or to treat chronic pain. Relieving pain is the first step in restoring the body to normal working order. Physical therapy is not just for those who are suffering from pain. Many seniors choose physical therapy as a preventative measure and to maintain their flexibility, balance, and strength.


Some of the conditions that might benefit from physical therapy include:



What techniques does a physical therapist use?


Types of physical therapy techniques for seniors include stretching, walking, and massage. Hot and cold therapy may also be used to target pain points.  Electrical stimulation is a technique that can intercept pain signals from the brain. It’s often used with those who have suffered a stroke or with arthritis.

If you’re looking for a physical therapist, then you’ve come to the right place. At Santé, we offer a variety of therapy programs designed to improve pain management and quality of life.


Contact us today at (480) 563-2402 to learn more about our services or to book an appointment at one of our transitional rehabilitation centers. Our team of professional therapists is always available to answer your questions and help you choose the right type of treatment for your loved ones.

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