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slipped disc

What Happens After Treatment for a Slipped Disc?

A slipped disc, also known as a herniated disc, is a vertebral disc that is no longer in its proper place. When a disc is displaced or protruding, it can press on nearby nerves, which can lead to chronic back pain. Medical attention is not always needed, but if the pain is unbearable, a slipped disc can be treated with physical therapy, pain medication, and even surgery. Proper diagnosis is a crucial step to getting the right treatment.


How do I know if I need surgical treatment?


Treatment for a slipped disc is not a one size fits all scenario. Determining whether surgery is necessary to fix a herniated disc can be a long and painful few weeks. When working with your doctor, you will likely try conservative pain management treatment options first. If that treatment is unsuccessful, surgery to remove the disc may be necessary. Doctors are careful to avoid performing this type of surgery too soon or too late as the risk is higher when it involves the spine.


What happens after treatment for a slipped disc?


You may find that physical therapy alone is a successful treatment. If you underwent surgery, your doctor may prescribe physical therapy to rehabilitate back to normal living. Physical therapy treatment includes a variety of techniques including hydrotherapy, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, cryotherapy and deep tissue massage.


You will learn invaluable lessons in physical therapy that you will need to implement in your daily life. Conditioning and strength training exercises, when performed regularly, can help prevent future pain and keep any post-surgery stiffness from getting worse. Self-care is crucial to your spine health, especially maintaining a healthy weight. Your treatment team will provide you with specific instructions to follow when you get home. With these techniques learned in physical therapy treatment, you’ll have the knowledge to effectively treat your symptoms and hopefully live pain-free.


At Santé, we offer a variety of post-acute care services through our five transitional rehabilitation centers throughout Arizona and our convenient home health care programs. We’re here to make the transition post-surgery go smoothly. Our innovative approach to healthcare heals the mind, body, and spirit. For more information about our short-term rehab and home health services, call (480) 264-4568 or contact us online.

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