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Occupational Therapy

What Makes Occupational Therapy Unique

A common misconception with occupational therapy is that it is the same thing as physical therapy. While there are some similarities between the two, occupational therapy is distinctly unique. From providing adaptive recommendations for your home to helping a patient re-gain their independence, an occupational therapist (OT) plays a crucial role in a patient’s recovery plan.

Patient and Caregiver Autonomy

An occupational therapist will provide helpful tools, but it’s up to the patient and their caregiver to implement them. An OT might recommend making an adaptation to the home or adjusting part of the patient’s daily routine. If the patient doesn’t follow through on the routine change, they likely won’t improve their ability to perform daily duties. Additionally, if the caregiver or family member chooses not to make the home adaptation, a patient could be susceptible to falling. Occupational therapy is a partnership with the patient.

Comprehensive Recovery Plan

While a physical therapist provides hands-on manual assistance to heal an injury, sometimes that’s only part of the recovery process. Occupational therapy takes the recovery plan a step further by providing tools that a patient and caregiver can use beyond their therapy sessions. The best kind of recovery includes preventative measures that can lessen the chances of an injury happening again. An occupational therapist does just that.  

Expert Reinforcement   

A patient who is recovering from an injury might be fearful that an accident could happen again. When an occupational therapist comes to the home, they will provide adaptive equipment and recommendations to promote a safer environment. Often times, knowing that some of the physical barriers are out of the way can provide peace of mind to a worried patient. An OT provides support and encouragement to a patient. Even though family members are likely doing the same, patients find comfort in hearing advice from an expert.  

Here are a few of the services that an occupational therapist provides:

  • Evaluate and improve a person’s functional abilities
  • Restore independence in the home
  • Provide adaptive equipment recommendations for the home
  • Improve patient’s ability to perform daily self-care
  • On-site assessments

Santé provides a comprehensive and compassionate range of services, including occupational therapy and physical therapy. We use an interdisciplinary approach to address the treatment of mind, body and soul. For more information, please call 480.748.4300 or click here.

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