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Can Rehabilitation Help Someone Who’s Had a Stroke?

A stroke can be one of the most devastating attacks that the human body can endure, simply because it attacks not only the body — but also the mind. After a stroke, many patients are unable to move, walk, talk or function in a variety of ways. Recovery can be difficult and may take months if not years, during which time rehabilitation is an important step in the process. The caring professionals at Santé work closely with your loved ones to ensure that they regain as many faculties as possible during their recovery period.

Types of Rehabilitation

Therapy and exercises for stroke victims should begin immediately. This provides the individual with the best opportunity to regain skills and abilities that had been lost. Once the patient is stabilized, 
mental and physical rehabilitation begins within 24-48 hours, and may last many months. Some common types of rehabilitation include:

  • Physical rehabilitation can include a variety of exercises such as mobility training, motor-skill exercises and exercises used to improve the patient’s range of motion. New therapy options include technology-assisted activities, including wireless activity monitors, robotic assistive devices and functional electrical stimulation. 
  • Emotional and cognitive rehabilitation include work with speech therapists, exercises meant to improve processing and memory, social skills, problem-solving and comprehension. Doctors may recommend that patients also receive emotional evaluation, as the physical and mental challenges can be significant. 
  • Experimental therapies are also available in some cases. Alternative medicine therapies such as acupuncture, herbal therapy massages and noninvasive brain stimulation are a potential if the patient and their family is interested in going this direction


Reducing Risk Factors

A critical part of 
rehabilitation from a stroke is ensuring that the patient does not fall victim to another devastating attack. Moderate diets, exercise, consistent medication and regular visits with their physician are all ways to help reduce the risk of further stroke activity. Falling is a serious possibility with stroke victims, who may be unsure of themselves or unexpectedly lose strength in their limbs. It is critical to ensure that patients are safe and protected at all times. 

Santé Rehab can help persons affected by a stroke re-establish strength and mobility, increase circulation, decrease pain, improve joint range of motion, and improve quality of life and gain independence. Santé of Mesa and Santé of Chandler have therapists who specialize in Neurological Rehabilitation and are certified by APTA and the NEURO-IFRAH Organization. Contact us today at 480-563-2402 to learn more about recovery and rehabilitation options. 


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