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Small Home Additions to Improve Quality of Life

Making the decision to spend the remainder of your time at home provides you with a peaceful way to be surrounded by friends and family. However, depending on your condition, your home may not be suitable for someone who is ill and needs significant medical and nursing support. Caregivers who want to make their loved one as comfortable as possible have a variety of options that allow for intensive hospice care at home. These small additions to your living space can provide meaningful benefits to your loved one and caregivers alike. 


Retaining Dignity

One of the most challenging aspects of end-of-life care is finding a way for loved ones to retain their dignity in their final days. Depending on your loved one’s overall status, there may be some options that make things simpler for patient and caregiver alike. The perfect example is in the bathroom, where patients who are still able to move around semi-autonomously could easily find themselves losing balance or strength and slipping into a dangerous situation. Walk-in tubs, additional grab bars and benches and convertible commodes that have arms and a raised toilet seat allow individuals with limited mobility some freedom. 


Making Room for the Bed

Hospital beds are much larger than a standard bed, and take up additional room as well. You may find that a small sitting area or living room may be a more amenable space to place a hospital bed. Consider rooms that are close to bathrooms and that have stable, level flooring to minimize the possibility of a slip or fall. Based on the specific needs, you may wish to find a room that is close to others to reduce the feelings of isolation that can come with being confined to a relatively small space. 


Staying Active

If your loved one is able, simple exercises such as these from our recent blog post may allow for an increased quality of life and enjoyment. Even if these exercises are too much, lifting arms and feet or legs as well as a soothing massage may help reduce the chance of blood clots and improve your loved one’s overall outlook. 

At Santé, our collaborative group of professionals are always looking for a way to help support you and your loved ones. Contact us today at 480-563-2402 to learn more about the innovative hospice care, or to speak with a compassionate team member to answer your questions.


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