Month: February 2018

It’s natural for our bodies to change as we age. As metabolism slows, vision can decline and elderly adults may have difficulties with balance and movement. Here at Santé, we understand how important healthy living is for seniors. By making a few simple lifestyle changes and paying close attention to the body’s signals, your loved one can live longer, stronger and happier. Check out our helpful infographic below for a handful of helpful healthy living tips for seniors.

If you are caring for a loved one who is under the long-term care of a physician, perhaps the last conversation you want to consider is one that includes the term end-of-life care or hospice. However, it's important to understand the options and be able to make an informed decision should the need arise.  At Santé, we understand that emotions run deep and it may be a difficult topic to discuss. Our team of professional caregivers are always compassionate and understanding. Our doctors have recommended some signs to be familiar with that may mean your loved one is ready for hospice.

The position of long-term caregiver may be both one of the most rewarding and most challenging. Emotional hills and valleys are only some of the invisible signs of daily care for another human being. Caregivers often tend to provide such loving support for others that they forget to take care of themselves. This can cause a downward spiral in health and mental well-being. However, caregivers are often the last people to ask others for help. How can you provide caregivers with the support that they need to be more comfortable in their role?

Making the decision to spend the remainder of your time at home provides you with a peaceful way to be surrounded by friends and family. However, depending on your condition, your home may not be suitable for someone who is ill and needs significant medical and nursing support. Caregivers who want to make their loved one as comfortable as possible have a variety of options that allow for intensive hospice care at home. These small additions to your living space can provide meaningful benefits to your loved one and caregivers alike.