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Planning for In-Home Health Care

For many patients, home health care offers the best of two worlds. When you arrange for in-home care through Santé, you can remain in the comfort of your own home (or with family). You’ll also receive the daily assistance and care you need. Are you or a loved one considering arranging health care at home? Santé Home Health and Rehabilitation administrator Jay Richardson helps make the decision easier by answering a few commonly asked questions about planning for in-home health care.     


How does home health care work?

Skilled home health care is certified and ordered by your doctor. “Once ordered, individual clinicians will complete an evaluation and work with the physician on developing a plan of care,” says Richardson. From there, your care team will develop a schedule of visits from therapists, skilled nurses or home health aides – depending on your individual needs.


Will therapists and nurses be with me all day?

No. To help patients maintain privacy and autonomy, these care workers won’t be with you around the clock.    


How should I prepare for visits?

Your home doesn’t need to be spotless. However, it can be helpful to clean and declutter before having a care team in your home. You may also want to bathe or shower before (or during) appointments. “Having a clean area for a nurse or therapist to treat is very important to prevent infections,” Richardson explains. “The nurses and therapists will [usually] provide any supplies needed, as they are covered under most insurance plans for home health.”


What information will I need to provide to Santé before arranging in-home care?

The in-home care process is meant to be as smooth and easy as possible for you. Your doctor or hospital will typically order and coordinate home health care services for you. They will share health records and other relevant information, so you don’t have to worry.


What medical services can be provided at my home?

“Medical services provided at the home can include wound care, IV therapy and medication management,” says Richardson. In-home care may also include:

  • Physical therapy for strength and exercise training
  • Occupational therapy to help you resume daily living activities


What if I don’t like the person Santé sends? Can I request a new care worker?

At Santé, we want you or your loved one to feel comfortable with home care. Patients can always put in requests for a new nurse or therapist, and we will work on finding the right fit.


At Santé, we’re here to help ensure a smooth transition into receiving in-home health care. We will work with your doctor or hospital, and your family, to quickly get the services you need. If you have more questions about the programs offered by Santé Home Health and Rehabilitation, contact us at 480-563-2402 or schedule a visit at one of our facilities today.

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