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What to Expect When Rehabilitating After Illness or Injury

The recovery process is a journey. When you suffer an illness or injury, your body needs time to repair itself before you jump back into the activities of daily life. That’s why many patients choose to undergo rehabilitation at Santé before returning home. Our physicians, therapists and skilled nurses have the training needed to help you on the road to recovery. While you’re rehabilitating from an illness or injury with us, here are a few things you can expect:


Compassionate Care

We understand that it can be difficult to transition back into your daily routine after an illness or injury. Tasks that once seemed easy and enjoyable, such as grooming or gardening, are often a source of frustration as you recover. At Santé, every one of our staff members – from orderlies to doctors – treat patients with compassion and dignity.  


Ups and Downs

Physical therapists will work with you to exercise muscles and help improve your mobility as you recover. Sometimes, after days or weeks of improvement, you may suffer a setback. This is a perfectly natural part of the rehabilitative process. Patients may experience occasional dips or slowing of their recovery (a “bad” day) but that’s ok – you’ll have good days, too.


Hard Work

Your care team will work hard to ensure a smooth and comfortable recovery process, and we know you’ll work hard too. Harvard Medical School Assistant Professor Julie K. Silver, M.D. said in an AARP article, “Your body will work hard on its own to help you recover—even if you do little to help the process along.” While that’s true, you can help speed your recovery along by following doctor recommendations and doing any suggested exercises. 



In addition to the emotional support provided by your friends and relatives, your rehab team will assist you in your journey to wellness. Patients receive 24/7 support, whether you need help getting out of bed or more personal support after a tough day. Family members will be updated on your progress during your stay in a Santé care facility.


Guided transitions

Our goal is to ease patients into each new phase of their rehabilitative journey, helping them feel safe and secure each step of the way. Most patients come from a hospital setting to our facility for post-acute care. Patients are evaluated to see if you require specialized care such as neurological, cardiac or orthopedic rehab; then, your journey begins. Similarly, we want to make your transition home, or to long-term nursing care, as easy and comfortable as possible. Continued home care options are available if you need assistance or medical care past your inpatient stay with us.


Theres no set path or timeline for recovery after an illness or injury. The human body is amazing, and will work on its own to heal. But working together, we can help speed or strengthen the rehabilitative process so that you can get back to living the life you want. For more information on Santé’s post-acute care programs, call us at 480-563-2402 or visit one of our Phoenix and Tucson area facilities.

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