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Safe & Fun Summer Outings For Seniors

The summer heat in Arizona can be unbearable, especially when temperatures soar into the triple digits. While it is important for seniors to stay cool when the weather is hot, that doesn’t mean they have to be holed up inside all season.

Here, we’ve comprised a list of great summer outing ideas for seniors as well as tips and tricks to help their caregivers make it as successful as possible.


Best summer outings

The list of things to do is almost unlimited. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Plan an evening picnic when the temperature is more bearable
  • Take a day trip to a local museum (they might even offer senior discounts or free days for seniors)
  • Visit a library to check out new reading material or watch a presentation
  • Go out for ice cream
  • Take a scenic drive out to a local lake
  • Catch a movie or evening community concert


Tips and Tricks

While fun is the first priority, safety and ease are in close second. Depending on the type of outing, these tips can help ensure the day goes smoothly:

  • Maintain the medication schedule by timing activities around normal medication times or bring medications with you
  • Be sure to bring plenty of cold water
  • Pack sunscreen and apply as often as directed for maximum protection from the sun
  • Ensure that someone is present for safe transfer into and out of the vehicle
  • Ask a home health care specialist to attend for support, if necessary
  • Bring healthy snacks
  • Apply mosquito spray/bug repellent to avoid bites and stings


Because we, at Santé, are in the business of caring for those in need of some extra TLC, we go the extra mile to ensure that advanced age doesn’t mean limited quality of life. To learn more about how our team can support you or the needs of your loved one this summer, contact a local Santé today!

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