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Getting The Most From Your Post-Acute Care Stay

Post-acute care is a great intermediate option for patients after an acute hospital stay. At Santé, we work together with our patients to ensure a successful recovery and to promote their highest level of independence when it’s time to return home. While our caregivers go the extra mile to support our post-acute patients, there are some things you can do as a patient to achieve the best outcome toward recovery:

  1. Ask questions. Patients who ask questions have a better understanding of their care plan and feel more confident in their care team. Our staff at Santé enjoys educating patients and connecting with them through their care.
  2. Do your exercises. While most exercises are completed with assistance, you may have some independent responsibilities as you progress in your treatment. Doing your exercises as ordered can promote a quick, complete recovery.
  3. Follow your restrictions. It’s not always easy, but accepting help when you need it  to ensure you’re following the restrictions your doctor has established for you. This can protect vulnerable bones, joints, surgical sites, or other structures and allow them to heal without further injury.
  4. Participate in activities that bring you pleasure. Social interaction, activities, and hobbies can help you pass the time in post-acute care and keep a positive attitude while you heal and recover. Let the staff know how they can help you enjoy your stay and keep your spirits during this transitional time.
  5. Notify staff of changes. If you notice any new symptoms or changes in your condition, notify the healthcare team right away.
  6. Be honest with us. We’re here for one purpose: to help you. It’s important to us that the care we provide meets your expectations, supports your established routines whenever possible, and encourages well-being and recovery. Sharing your preferences and feedback with us in real time allows us to adapt our care to your needs.

The list may be short, but these small efforts are all we need from you in order to customize your care, keep you safe, and help you recover and get back to life as you know it. To learn more about the patient-centered post-acute services at Santé, stop by and visit with us today!

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