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What You Can Expect From Our In-Home Health Specialists

Whether you need skilled nursing services, occupational therapy, dressing assistance, or anything in between, choosing the right home health team is important. Here’s what you can expect from us when you give Santé the privilege of meeting your needs at home:

  • Knowledgeable staff. Our staff receives extensive training on hire and throughout the duration of their employment to ensure they have access to the most up-to-date home health concepts and research. In addition, because we have a large home health team, we are able to select caregivers based on their experience and expertise and send you those who can best treat and meet your needs.
  • Compassionate care. Because we want the very best for our patients, our screening and selection process places as much weight on personal characteristics as we do on qualifications. The people we hire are brought on board because they genuinely care about the patients they serve and want to impact lives in a positive way.
  • Ample time. Santé maintains a low patient-to-staff ratio to ensure that our home health care team has time to dedicate attention to each patient they visit. This means that neither care, nor conversation, need to be rushed.
  • Customized services. Our home health specialists are trained to customize care to each unique patient they support. This means that our employees strive to customize patient care while helping to maintain independence and satisfy personal preferences.
  • Adaptability. Many patients vary in strength and ability from one day to the next. Our in-home health team makes every effort to recognize those variations and adapt patient care accordingly from one day to the next. Our goal isn’t to sell services; it’s to improve lives through compassionate care and support.

If you are looking for top-level in-home health care from experienced and compassionate professionals, we invite you to contact us at Santé today!

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