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How In-Home Healthcare Supports Patient Independence

Why are more and more people choosing in-home healthcare over long-term nursing facilities? The answer is quite simple: They desire to stay at home and maintain their independence for as long as safely possible.

The benefits of staying home are broad and many:

  • Home can be filled with fond memories. The familiar sights and sounds of home bring back memories of raising children, celebrating holidays with loved ones, and other memorable and meaningful snapshots from a life well-lived.
  • The layout is familiar at home. As age begins to impact eyesight, balance, and mobility, it can be safer and easier to get around in a familiar setting. There are no unexpected steps or rugs, and less chance of reaching for a handrail that isn’t there.
  • Home is comfortable for patient and guests. Relationships are important throughout all phases of life, contributing to quality and meaning. It’s important that our relationships extend into our elder years and that we’re able to connect with those we love and enjoy. Visitors can be more comfortable in the familiar setting of a home.
  • Maintaining independence is important. While all health care teams work to customize their services to the patient, home health care is the most customized of all. The caregiver serves just one patient at a time, which means he or she can focus their attention on giving the patient exactly what they need in their own surroundings. In many cases, this is simply offering time and patience to allow the patient to exercise independence in a safe setting.
  • Change can be hard. Staying home as long as possible ensures the patient can maintain their well-loved routines for as long as possible and their preferences always win. They don’t have to adjust to new situations overnight after doing things the same way for many, many years.


At Santé, our goal is to provide care focused on the whole patient, not just their ailment or limitations. We concentrate on supporting physical, spiritual, and emotional needs and life fulfillment. For us, it’s about maintaining dignity and providing respect whether at home or in one of our home-like facilities.

To learn more about home health care at Santé, contact us today!

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