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What Is The Duration Of Hospice Care?

Hospice, also called end of life care, provides comfort and dignity to patients diagnosed with a life-limiting illness. Although patients are eligible for hospice care when their prognosis is six months or less, the duration of care depends on the condition of the patient and when the decision is made to begin hospice care.

Why Might Hospice Care Be Delayed?

Despite the value that hospice care can provide to patients on this journey, the decision to transition to hospice is often delayed. This is the result of many complex and dynamic factors, which may include:

  • The patient and his or her family might have additional questions or require more information
  • The patient and his or her family aren’t ready to take that emotional step
  • The patient is cared for by family members, and the extra help may not be immediately necessary.

The Benefits Of Extended Hospice Care

Because hospice focuses on providing comfort and dignity in the most comfortable setting possible, patients who take advantage of hospice early experience a broad range of benefits for the full duration of their care. When the patient is ready, the hospice team can:

  • Provide physical, spiritual, and emotional support throughout their journey
  • Maintain a regimen that prevents pain before it occurs and puts comfort at the forefront
  • Ensure that a patient’s days are enriched and fulfilling
  • Support family members and empower them to nurture their loved one as well as care for themselves

There is no formula for determining the right amount of time for hospice care. As you would expect, each patient’s journey is unique and each decision is very personal. But a professional and compassionate hospice team can add value and comfort whenever the time is right. To learn more about hospice care or the unique circumstances surrounding your situation, contact our qualified and understanding team at Santé today.

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