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The Growing Need For Home Health Care

Home health care services are in greater demand today than ever before, and for good reason. According to a survey conducted by Bring the Vote Home, 91% of seniors would prefer staying home to receive care rather than being placed in a long-term care facility. At Santé, we are passionate about the benefits of home health care.

Why Stay Home?

Aside from preference, there are multiple benefits of receiving healthcare at home:

  • Less exposure to pathogens for patients who are immunocompromised
  • The familiar surroundings at home can help patients with memory loss and dementia
  • Home is comfortable setting for family members and other visitors and may increase the likelihood of having company around
  • Being at home provides patients with a sense of control over their surroundings

At Santé, we take pride in offering home health services and all of the benefits that accompany these services to our valued patients.

Who Can Be Cared For At Home?

The term “home health” covers a broad range of services including palliative care, hospice care, skilled nursing care, therapy, medication administration, restorative care, and assistance with activities of daily living. Because home health services are customized for each patient, a variety of patients can be cared for at home including those who are:

  • Generally able to care for themselves but need a little assistance with bathing or meal preparation
  • Physically independent but need assistance with managing medications
  • Experiencing a short-term disability that prevents them from caring for themselves while they recover
  • Completely dependent and/or bedridden
  • Facing end of life
  • Experiencing chronic conditions that make every day tasks challenging

Services can be customized to include as little as one or two weekly or monthly services or as much as around the clock care.

The growing need for home health services is a reflection of the desire of seniors to age with grace and dignity in a setting that is comfortable and familiar. At Santé, we advocate for our patients by providing the quality care they need on their own terms whenever possible. To learn more, give us a call today.



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