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Home Health Care Specialists Can Make Life Easier

Introducing home health care services can provide a huge relief when addressing the needs of a parent with medical issues. This is especially true when the parent lives alone or cannot tend to their own needs. With a variety of options available, our team at Santé works closely with families to create care plans to help our loved ones when they can’t help themselves.

Santé’s home health and rehabilitation services facilitate the continuum of care for those recovering from surgeries, accidents, or illnesses. We also offer specialized programming for patients with COPD, pain, or congestive heart failure.

Here is a list of the types of home and health care professionals available to assist you:

  1. Certified Nursing Assistants who assist your loved with their activities of daily living. CNAs can provide assistance with bathing, oral cares, toileting, dressing, and more.
  2. Medication Aides who can set up medications in advance to improve your loved one’s compliance with their treatment regimen.
  3. Nurses who can evaluate your loved one’s condition, coordinate efforts between family and healthcare team, and administer treatments and medications as prescribed.
  4. Wound Care Specialists who can tend to serious or difficult-to-heal wounds, closely monitoring changes in the patient’s condition and encouraging healing.
  5. Speech Therapists who can evaluate the patient and make changes to their diet or suggest adaptive equipment to improve the patient’s ability to swallow and speak.
  6. Physical Therapists who can work with patients while they recover from illness, injury or surgery to improve their strength, range of motion, and mobility.
  7. Occupational Therapists whose primary goal is to ensure the patient is able to do the things that matter most to them on a daily basis through therapy and the right adaptations.
  8. Doctors who can evaluate your loved one and make changes in their treatment plan for the best possible outcome.

The result of this compassionate team of professionals providing is a customized treatment plan that ensures your loved one has everything they need without giving up their independence. To learn more, reach out to the caring caregivers at Santé today!

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