Top 10 Benefits Of Hospice At Home

At Santé, we understand the importance of proper end-of-life care for both patients and their families. That is why we believe that home hospice is one of the best options for those in need. Here are the Top 10 reasons why hospice might be the choice for your loved one:

  1. Home hospice is provided in a comfortable, familiar setting. The overwhelming majority of our hospice patients have expressed the importance of staying at home, where they feel comforted and nostalgic.
  2. Your loved one is cared for by the best. When you bring in hospice certified nursing assistants, your loved one receives care from experts in the industry, who have dedicated their careers to caring for terminally ill patients and easing the end of life transition.
  3. It provides ultimate convenience for your loved one. Traveling can become increasingly difficult as your loved one nears end of life. With in-home hospice care, all of the professionals your loved one needs come right to his or her bedside to deliver care.
  4. Your loved one’s wishes are respected throughout their end of life care. The hospice clinical team’s driving goal is to ensure your loved one is able to experience end of life on their own unique terms.
  5. Care is personalized and customized for your loved one. Each patient is unique and individual, and each care plan is carefully crafted with help from the patient and his or family to encompass the whole person.
  6. Your loved one is the only patient in the room. There are no call lights, no distractions, and no waits for care when you choose home hospice services.
  7. Your loved one spends his or her last days with a sense of dignity. There are no beeping machines, loudspeakers, or pagers. Patients who elect to spend their last days at home are able to pass naturally and peacefully.
  8. Family members have a place to stay around the clock. Visitors have much more freedom to prepare meals, get comfortable, and stay as long as they like when your loved one is at home.
  9. Family members get the counseling, training, and support they need, too. Hospice workers are not only focused on the patient, but also on those who love and support them.
  10. It is more cost-effective than long-term hospital stays. Long-term hospital stays can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars, while in-home hospice services are much more affordable. Many families find that hospice eases the financial burden that can accompany end of life care.

To learn more about the home hospice services we provide at Santé, contact a local Arizona facility to speak with one of our caring hospice professionals.

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