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What To Expect From Your Stay At Santé

When you rely on Santé for transitional rehab services, we work together to strengthen you and prepare you for independence and success at home. Here’s what to expect in our transitional rehab program.

  • A customized experience. The frequency and duration of your therapy will be customized based on your medical status, functional goals, ability to participate in therapies, readiness for activities of daily living, and your plans after discharge.
  • As much independence as your medical status allows. Our care providers are dedicated to ensuring you have the highest level of independence and dignity as possible, even if you need extra time or assistance.

A typical day in our transitional rehab facilities includes several components:

  • Speech, occupational, and/or physical therapy. A therapist will evaluate you periodically (sometimes weekly or even more frequently) and establish a treatment plan while a therapy assistant will work with you to complete your therapy exercises daily or as often as ordered.
  • Healthy, delicious meals and snacks. Meals and snacks are prepared to provide the nourishment you need during your stay. Your preferences and allergies will always be accommodated.
  • Continuation of your medications and treatments. Nurses are staffed around the clock to ensure you receive your medications and treatments as scheduled and your health status is managed and maintained.
  • Opportunities to participate in enriching or entertaining activities of your choosing. Many patients bring puzzles, books, cell phones, and tablets. Visiting with friends and family is another fulfilling activity during your stay.
  • Assistance with activities of daily living. Our compassionate Certified Nursing Assistants are on hand to ensure you receive the assistance and help you need with such things as bathing, dressing, eating, brushing your teeth, and other activities of daily living.

While every guest’s stay can be different from another’s, you can always count on receiving the very best attention and care from our team at Santé. To learn more about a transitional rehab stay with us, contact our knowledgeable staff today!

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