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Senior Home Care Services

senior home careSanté’s senior home care services have enriched the lives of many people. As our nurses and caregivers interact with patients, they gain valuable insight regarding the benefits of home health care for the senior. Here are some of the ways we offer assistance:

Maintained Independence

Naturally, being as independent as possible is an important factor to staying active and healthy. Many of our patients appreciate that our nurses and caregivers assist them in their daily activities rather than perform daily activities for them.

To be more specific, a caregiver may ask a senior (who is interested and able) to help with dinner. The patient chooses a meal they like, pulls out the recipe book, and prepares the meal together with the caregiver. The caregiver may wash dishes while the patient dries. In a nursing home, everything is done for the resident, whose only participation is eating the meal. Home health services are customized to meet the needs and wants of each patient.

Customized Services

Our patients often comment on the customized services they receive from their home health care team. When you receive dedicated attention, you choose how you want to spend your time with us. Those who only need help with bathing receive exactly that, while others may ask for assistance with housekeeping, cooking, or medication administration. Our services are performed according to your needs and preferences.

Consistent Caregivers

Finally, our patients appreciate the staff consistency that comes with home health care. Many work with the same nurse and/or caregiver all the time, with variations only during vacations. This is much different from long-term care in that a single resident may receive care from as many as ten aides and three nurses in just one day.

To learn more about our senior home health services, visit your local Arizona Santé today. Our caring staff would love to learn more about your needs and how we can be of assistance to you.

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