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Home Health Care Provider | Occupational Therapy

home health care providerOccupational therapy is a patient-centered treatment that can be offered in a rehabilitation center or at home by a home health care provider. In either location, it is designed to improve independence and quality of life. At Santé, we have a full team of experienced occupational therapists available to assist you.

The Goals of Occupational Therapy

The American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc. (AOTA) describes it best: “Occupational therapy practitioners ask, ‘What matters to you?’ not, ‘What’s the matter with you?'” The occupational therapist’s goal is help the patient do the things he or she wants and needs to do in order to maintain quality of life. These things are different for every patient. For one patient, that may include walking a mile each day. For another, it may mean simply being able to feed oneself.

What to Expect

Occupational therapy appointments are notably different than physical therapy appointments. Occupational therapists evaluate your ability to complete common tasks, such as cooking, dressing, and climbing stairs. They also evaluate the environments in which you live and work and your ability to perform those tasks in these respective environments.

The timeline of occupational therapy looks like this:

  1. A consultation appointment is scheduled. During this appointment, the patient and the occupational therapist meet to discuss the patient’s individual goals.
  2. The occupational therapist evaluates your ability to complete certain tasks and makes recommendations for adaptive equipment to assist you in achieving your goals.
  3. The occupational therapist visits your home and work environments to evaluate them for safety and suitability. Recommendations are made to improve your ability to function in places where you are most often.
  4. Outcomes of therapy are evaluated and adjustments are made as needed to ensure goals are being met.

Finding an Occupational Therapist

Santé is a top-rated home health care provider and rehabilitation center located in cities across Arizona. To further discuss your or a loved one’s occupational therapy needs, please contact us today.

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