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Post Acute Rehab | Limiting Risks

post acute rehabAs a post acute rehab provider, your health and wellness are our top priority at Santé. While we are always here when you need us, we also want to help you be as healthy as possible so you can stay as healthy as possible.

Let’s discuss the most common ailments that seniors suffer from and some simple steps you can take to lower the risk of each.

Heart Attack & Stroke

If you’re of advanced age, you are already at higher risk of having a heart attack or stroke due to age alone. However, you can manage your risk by taking the following steps:

  • if you smoke, stop smoking
  • consume nutrient-rich foods and eat more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains than meats
  • keep an eye on your blood cholesterol
  • manage your blood pressure by following your doctor’s orders
  • aim for physical activity every day
  • limit your alcoholic intake

While heart attack and stroke are very different conditions, the risk factors are very similar. By taking control of the lifestyle factors that put you at risk of heart disease and stroke, you can improve your chances of living a long, healthy life.


Researchers don’t know what causes Alzheimer’s or related dementia, but they continue to study both healthy and affected patients to learn more about the risk factors associated with the disease. One known factor is that 80% of patients with Alzheimer’s disease also have heart disease, so making the positive lifestyle changes listed above may decrease your risk of developing dementia as well. One study indicated that those who exercise their brains daily throughout their life by doing puzzles, playing games that are challenging, reading, and writing were less likely to develop dementia in old age.


Like most diseases, arthritis cannot be prevented entirely with lifestyle changes, but you can modify – that is, decrease – your risk of developing arthritis. Once arthritis sets in, mobility and qualify of life can be negatively affected. If your joints are healthy now, work hard to keep moving, stretching, and exercising to keep them healthy long-term. Managing your weight and abstaining from smoking can also decrease your risk.

Visit us at Santé post acute rehab today to learn more about prevention and management of age-related disease. Your wellness is our purpose!

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