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Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy

rehabilitation therapyVestibular rehabilitation therapy refers to a physical therapy program designed to help with balance-related problems.

Do You Need Vestibular Rehab?

Most of the patients we see at Santé for vestibular rehabilitation therapy are those who suffer from imbalance, dizziness, benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, Meniere’s syndrome, or vertigo. These patients describe their symptoms in a wide variety of ways. They may feel constant movement, spinning, whirling, lightheadedness; or as if they may pass out.

Specific symptoms that can be improved through vestibular rehabilitation include

  • blurry vision or dizziness related to head movement
  • headaches
  • generalized feelings of dizziness
  • tightness, stiffness, or pain in the neck
  • imbalance and/or frequent falls as a result of imbalance
  • vertigo.

If you are experiencing problems continuing problems with dizziness or imbalance, you may want to consider consulting our qualified staff here at Santé.

Your Care Plan

During your initial appointment, a Santé physical therapist will evaluate your symptoms and discuss your medical history. You will likely be asked to stand, sit, lie, or ambulate in multiple positions so your therapist can better understand your gait, posture, neck positioning, balance, and visual stability.

After this thorough examination, your physical therapist will develop a care plan to remedy your particular issues. Your routine may include stretching exercises, posture training, strengthening exercises, training for visual stability, walking, neck exercises, and exercises for general fitness. Your physical therapist may also ask you to perform these exercises at home.

The length of treatment for each patient can vary. Your treatment may last for just a few visits or over the course of several weeks depending on your situation and progress.

At Santé, our caring and professional staff is eager to assist you with your vertigo or imbalance deficits through vestibular rehabilitation therapy. We have locations throughout the Phoenix Valley and in Tucson. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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