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Home Health Agency | Aging & Mobility

home health agencySanté is a post-acute care continuum with five transitional rehabilitation centers. We are also a home health agency that offers physical, occupational, and restorative therapy, short-term care, and assistance to patients at home. While we care for adults of all ages, we are also committed to helping seniors maintain independence and quality of life as they age. To better understand the impact of decreased mobility and how you can battle mobility deficits as you age, here are a few details to consider.

Why does mobility decline with age?

Getting around in and out of the home can be increasingly impacted as you get older. These changes are often due to several factors:

  • arthritis and other diseases that affect joint mobility and range of motion
  • decreased muscle tone and resulting weakness
  • balance problems as a side effect of conditions or medications
  • impaired cognitive ability in patients with dementia
  • diseases and circulatory problems that impact feeling in the legs and feet
  • vision problems, which can make navigating even familiar spaces a challenge

The importance of mobility

Maintaining mobility throughout the aging process is important for multiple reasons. Mobility helps an older person maintain independence. Of course, being independent is typically a highly valued priority as it contributes toward an overall better quality of life. Mobility can also impact an elderly person’s ability to stay in their own home, to participate in a social community, and to do the things they enjoy.

Staying mobile

While some factors are not in your control, such as your age and genetics, there are other factors in life that you have more power to manage. These include:

  • taking regular walks to keep muscles and joints limber, improve your overall health, and prevent weight gain
  • making healthy dietary choices and taking necessary supplements to fuel your muscles, joints, brain, and eyes
  • talking to your doctor about changes in how you feel as soon as you notice them
  • taking your prescribed medications to better manage underlying conditions
  • evaluating your home for safety and considering removing fall hazards and adding hand rails and other safety equipment

If you have additional questions about aging and mobility, or have a need for any of our post-acute care services, our experienced staff at Santé home health agency is happy to help. Contact us at any of our local, Arizona facilities.


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