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When You Need A Skilled Nursing Facility

skilled nursing facilityPatients recovering from illness or injury often transition from acute care to a post-acute skilled nursing facility before they are able to go home. At Santé, we focus on promoting and facilitating your complete recovery so that you may return home as soon as possible.

Many people wonder what takes place at a skilled nursing facility as well as who needs the services provided there. Here are a few details that can help you understand the function of a skilled nursing facility such as Santé.

What is skilled nursing?

Our post-acute skilled nursing facilities provide inpatient care for those recovering after an acute-care stay in the hospital. During this time, patients are able to receive recovery-specific therapy in a caring environment that helps to ease the recovery process. They also receive assistance with treatment and medication administration, meal preparation, housekeeping, and other daily needs while they rebuild their strength. At Santé, each of our locations is also designed with safety in mind, so that our patients do not encounter potential hazards that may exist at home during their recovery.

Who needs skilled nursing?

People who come to us at Santé include the following:

  • Patients recovering from stroke. They often need extensive assistance with daily living at first as well as extensive daily rehab services.
  • Patients recovering from heart attack who typically need to rebuild their strength in a safe and closely monitored setting.
  • Patients who have recently had surgery. Those who have had joints replaced or other surgery often need an adapted environment and frequent physical therapy immediately following their hospital stay.
  • Patients recovering from a fall or accident. This can include people who have hematomas, stitches, broken bones, or concussions and may need help with their daily tasks as well as close monitoring and management until they’re ready to go home safely.

If you have an upcoming surgery planned or an immediate need for care from a skilled nursing facility, we invite you to consider one of our many Santé locations. Caring about you and for you during your recovery is what we do best.

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