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Home Health Services For Your Loved One

home health servicesMany seniors hope to continue living at home as long as possible despite the limitations that come with age. At Santé, your goals are our goals, which means if your loved one wants to remain at home, we’ll do everything we can to support and empower them to do exactly that. Here are some tips for staying home longer with help from our home health services.


Staying at home requires collaboration between the senior, their family or support network, and their healthcare team. When those involved in the senior’s health and care know the ultimate goal, challenges, and changes in the plan, adaptations can be made to ensure health and safety long term.

Focus on Prevention

Instead of reacting to injury and illness, shift your focus to preventing them in the first place. You can do this by encouraging a healthy diet, compliance with medication administration, adequate fluid intake, and appropriate use of adaptive equipment such as walkers and orthotics. Vaccines to protect from pneumonia, influenza, and shingles are also critical in preventing potentially fatal illness in the elderly. Finally, rearrange the home to best accommodate current or potential limitations. This may include moving the master bedroom to the main floor or installing handrails near the stool and shower.

Check in Often

Many seniors require frequent assistance to continue living at home. This may be a family member who stops by once a week to vacuum and catch up on laundry or a home health aide who comes by daily to administer medications, assist with bathing, and prepare meals and snacks. Regardless of your loved one’s needs, having somebody nearby who is available when they need them is crucial.

Our caring staff at Santé are trained and invested in keeping your loved one healthy and safe in the most comfortable setting possible. Whether that means home health services, long-term care, or short-term rehab, you can trust us to be by your side. To learn more, visit your local Arizona Santé today.

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