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Post-Hospitalization Care For All Ages

post-hospitalization careIt is easy to assume that post-hospitalization care is only for the elderly. And, while it is true that many post-acute patients are seniors, at Santé, post-hospitalization care is available for patients of all ages. Here are some situations that may require a stay at one of our post-acute care facilities:

Recovery from Illness

Diseases like stroke and heart attack are more common in older patients but can occur at any age. Following acute care in a hospital setting, patients often need intensive physical and occupational therapy, wound care, close monitoring, and medication adjustments. Long-term IV antibiotics or other treatments are sometimes administered in a post-acute setting as well. Post-hospitalization care ensures the patient’s needs are met and the patient is able to fully heal before returning home.

Healing from Surgery

Following a variety of surgeries, patients of any age may require additional support for a brief or extended period of time. Post-hospitalization care following surgery may include complex wound care, medication administration, treatment administration, and regular physical therapy.

Wound Treatment

Should a patient develop a new wound, which can be the result of local infection, diabetes, or injury, post-acute care is often required. Such treatment can help to prevent infection, keep the wound healthy, and promote complete wound healing. In many cases, ongoing nursing care is critical following an acute hospital stay and patients benefit significantly from the ongoing attention.

Chronic Illnesses

Patients suffering from chronic illnesses often need intermediate care for a period of time. Post-acute care settings, like Santé, meet this need while keeping costs lower than acute care.

No matter your age or your need, we look forward to supporting your treatment plan at Santé post-hospitalization care facilities. Our goal is to provide excellent care and get you home as soon as possible with the ability to succeed in staying healthy and independent. To learn more, visit your local Santé today.

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