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home health careIf you are planning to receive home health care services on a short- or long-term basis, there are a few measures you can take to best prepare your home. At Santé, we suggest the following based on our extensive experience in providing home health services to our clients:

  • Ensure the floor is safe for any adaptive equipment you need or will need at the time. This may involve putting away rugs to create a safe, smooth surface.
  • Keep your medications, medication planner, and list of doctor’s orders all together and in an accessible place near either the kitchen or bathroom sink.
  • Keep walkways, hallways, and entrances clear of clutter. If you require assistance with mobility and ambulation, more space is needed to safely transfer and move.
  • Record your typical schedule and post it on the fridge; this will assist your home health care nurse or aide in determining the best medication and visiting schedule to meet your needs without drastically altering your routine.
  • Ensure you have the proper furniture. Depending on your needs, adaptive furniture may be required to ensure the greatest mobility is achieved both when help is present and when you are alone. Ask your family to help you determine what this might include, such as a lift chair, a stair chair, or a hospital-style bed with added settings.
  • Buy groceries. If meal preparation is included in your home health services, keep your favorite foods and ingredients for your favorite meals on hand.
  • Tuck away private items. While your home heath care nurse or aide will not be looking through your personal items, you may find comfort in putting away mail or other items that are personal or confidential.

At Santé, we believe in putting our best foot forward to provide the most comprehensive, compassionate, and competent home health care services possible. Call today to learn more about how we can be there for you.

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