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Best Short Term Care Recovery Tips

best short term careIf you’re like most patients, recovering as quickly as possible after surgery is very important to you. At Santé, your complete and timely recovery is important to us, too. Aside from choosing the best short term care provider in Arizona, there are several steps we recommend you take to help speed up your recovery:

  1. Follow the doctor’s orders. Ensure that the medications your doctor has prescribed are taken exactly as instructed and all restrictions (like no baths or no lifting) are followed closely. Pain medications should be taken exactly as ordered. Pain control is necessary for healing.
  2. Wash your hands. Always wash your hands before touching your incision to prevent an infection from developing.
  3. Follow-up. If the doctor has recommended follow-up appointments, there is a good reason for it. He or she may need to inspect the wound for signs of infection, remove stitches, draw blood, or measure the effectiveness of the surgery. Follow-up appointments are a critical piece of the healing process.
  4. Make healthy choices. Although it is not uncommon to experience a diminished appetite following surgery, getting adequate nutrition and staying hydrated are important for healing. Drink plenty of water and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables during your recovery period.
  5. Keep an eye on your incision. If you can see your incision – either directly or with a mirror – take special care to inspect it at least once per day. This will help you identify problems and seek your doctor’s advice sooner if problems develop.
  6. Keep your incision clean, but don’t be overzealous in your cleanliness. In an effort to care for their incision, many patients scrub away scabs as they form and try peroxide to prevent infection. In most cases, however, a gentle cleansing with soap and lukewarm water is all your incision needs. Follow your doctor’s recommendations for incision care.
  7. Know when to go in. If you develop a fever or other signs of infection, are in respiratory distress, have begun bleeding, or can’t void or have a bowel movement, you should seek medical attention.

At Santé, we are committed to your healing. To learn more about how our short term care services can expedite your healing process, visit contact us at Santé today. We aim to be the best short term care facility and look forward to helping you get back to optimum health.

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