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In Home Care | Discussing Senior Care

in home careDiscussing senior care issues with your aging parent can feel uncomfortable. At Santé, we get that, and we want to help. Here, we’ll discuss the importance of initiating the discussion regarding in home care and other options as well as provide tips and tricks for breaking the ice.

The Importance of Discussion

Because this talk can feel awkward, families often never even start the conversation. By the time care is required, patients are sometimes unable to communicate their own wishes. This can be especially tragic in such cases where a stroke or dementia are involved. Of course, many patients never experience these ailments, but those who do often share their regret in not having discussed care sooner.

In other cases, the conversation is put off so long that it becomes unhealthy for the aging parent, who is no longer able to provide adequate self-care, and their health is ultimately impacted.

Initiating the conversation early ensures that you know your parents’ wishes for the aging process and care during that time and allows you to advocate for them in a way that genuinely reflects their wants and needs.

Starting the Conversation

Starting the conversation with your parents is easiest when you illustrate your care for them and the benefit to them. Try these suggestions:

  • Ask how you can help as they age rather than telling them they need help.
  • Ask how they envision the aging process and address how they might consider their situation with a decline in ability to get around or care for oneself. You can phrase it gently by saying, “If you ever needed full-time care, what would that look like to you?”
  • Expect the possibility that your parent may get upset or angry. If this is the case, it is wise to show understanding if they do as discussing care can feel like a threat to their independence.

Our care team at Santé knows that aging can dramatically impact a family. Our desire is to help you in lessening the burden by providing quality, compassionate in home care. Call an Arizona Santé today to learn more about our services.

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