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Physical Rehabilitation Facilities | Preventing Falls

physical rehabilitation facilitiesFalls are increasingly dangerous as you age. They can result in broken skin, broken bones, stiff muscles, and loss of mobility. Although Santé physical rehabilitation facilities will get you back on track following a fall and subsequent injury, our primary goal is to help you prevent falls. Try these tips:

  • Wear non-slip shoes. Shoes with a fairly even, non-slip sole are high effective in helping you keep your footing on slippery floors or icy sidewalks. If you do want to wear a small heel to a special event, wear tennis shoes to and from the event and slip the heels on when you get there.
  • Remove rugs. Rugs lying around the house are a leading cause of falls at home. The edges curl up causing a tripping hazard and rugs often slip out from you under you, causing you to slip and fall. Even, flat surfaces are best for fall prevention.
  • Keep the house well lit. Nightlights to illuminate the path to the bathroom can help decrease the likelihood of a fall due to impaired vision in the dark.
  • Stay fit. By stretching and maintaining a physically active lifestyle, you decrease your risk of falling and increase your ability to catch yourself before you fall and/or get up independently after a fall.
  • Use adaptive equipment if needed. Accepting that you need a cane or walker to get around can be especially hard and may feel like a burden. However, following your doctor’s recommendations may prevent a fall. If he or she has recommended that you use an adaptive device, use it consistently.
  • Communicate changes in your condition. Tell a family member, doctor, or caregiver if you feel weak or unbalanced or if walking has become more difficult. This gives them the opportunity to assess changes and find a safe, helpful solution.

For more information on fall prevention and recovery, reach out to one of our expert Santé physical rehabilitation facilities today.

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