Hospital After Care Improves Patient Outcomes

hospital after careSanté provides inpatient and outpatient hospital after care services to patients recovering from an acute illness, injury or surgery. After care services are designed to ensure that patients continue to receive support, assistance, and treatment once they are discharged from the hospital.

The benefits of hospital after care are many when you choose Santé. Here are some examples:

Cost Savings

Patients who don’t have the support they need following an ICU or other acute care stay often experience a delay in discharge from the unit. Acute care is dramatically more expensive than after care, both for the patient and for the insurance company. This can eventually result in increased premiums for some patients. Having an after care plan can contribute to fewer days in ICU and a cost savings for the patient.

Decreased Likelihood of Readmission

Hospital re-admissions within a few days of discharge are so common that Medicare has written new rules to combat the epidemic. By transitioning into an inpatient or outpatient after care program, you reduce the chances of going back to the hospital. Santé after care staff closely monitor for infection, complications, and other changes in your condition and intervene before hospitalization is required. We can also assist you in remaining compliant with your medication and treatment schedule.

Better Outcome

Patients who are discharged directly home after an ICU stay face many challenges. This can include getting up and down stairs, caring for themselves, managing medications, getting to and from follow-up appointments, and caring for wounds can be especially hard when you aren’t fully healed. As a result, medications and personal cares are often neglected or unintentionally missed and health declines as a result. Hospital after care improves your outcome by ensuring you receive the best care possible when you need it the most.

At Santé, we provide compassionate, competent hospital after care services in both inpatient and outpatient settings. To learn more about how we can help you, visit a local Arizona Santé location near you.

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