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How Post Acute Care Experts Help You

In order to understand which patients require post acute care, it’s important to understand the many settings in which post acute care can be provided. Our qualified staff at Santé are post acute care experts and can help you determine if our services are right for you.

What is Post Acute Care?post acute care experts

The term post acute care refers to healthcare services provided to a patient over a longer-term setting–either inpatient or outpatient–following an inpatient acute care stay. For example, a patient may be hospitalized for surgery. Once the surgery has been performed and the patient is stabilized, they may require a few  weeks of intense physical and restorative rehab, close monitoring, special diet, and/or medication administration on a strict schedule. This patient may be transferred to post-acute care to ensure care continues following the hospital stay and the patient has every opportunity to recover and heal.

Post Acute Care Settings

There are several post acute care options available at Santé:

  • Transitional Rehab Skilled Nursing Facilities provide specialized long-term care to patients who have complex medical conditions and require an extended recovery period
  • Transitional Rehabilitation Centers focus on providing a full range of social services, therapy services, and nursing services to rehabilitate patients over an extended period of time
  • Home Health Services offer a full range of services after the patient returns home, such as assistance with medication administration, wound care, dressing changes, therapies, hygiene, and medical needs
  • Palliative Care, which is designed to manage pain and maintain comfort during all stages of life and/or illness
  • Hospice Services provides physical, emotional, and spiritual care during end-of-life

Patients Who Need Post-Acute Care

Simply put, patients who need more care following an acute hospital stay often need some variety of post acute care. The setting for care is determined based upon the complexity of the patient’s medical needs, the patient’s independence and ability to care for himself, and the patient’s prognosis.

To learn more about continuity of care following an acute hospital stay in Arizona, contact us at Santé. We are post acute care experts who are here to help you on your road to recovery.

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