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Post Acute Care Facilities | Comfort Of Home

post acute care facilitiesPost acute care facilities strive to create a comfortable setting that closely resembles home. This is certainly true at Santé where we aim to please our guests with beautiful surroundings and home-like features. However, there are additional ways you can increase your loved one’s comfort and make them feel more at ease during their stay. Here are some ideas you may want to consider:

  1. Bring your loved one’s favorite pillow and blanket. Having familiar bedding can add a special touch that reminds them of being in their own bed at home.
  2. Visit often. Nothing says home like love, laughter, and family. Even a 15-minute visit can brighten your loved one’s day, reminding them that they aren’t so far from home after all. You can also invite other family members and friends to drop in for a visit or to share a meal.
  3. Bring a photo album or a framed picture for their bedside table. There’s nothing like having family nearby, even when they can’t be.
  4. Turn on a lamp. A lamp can create a home-like ambiance and take your loved one back to their favorite chair in the living room at home. Lamps may remind your loved one of winding down after a long day at home.
  5. Encourage and support participation in activities. Encourage your loved one to get to know others during meal times or physical therapy sessions. Such interaction can help make the day meaningful and enjoyable.
  6. Bring activities your loved one likes to do. Crossword puzzles, crochet needles and yarn, or a good book are great ways to fulfillment during their stay.

Getting adjusted to post acute care facilities can be a positive experience with supportive family and compassionate staff. To learn more about comfortable, home-like post acute care facilities in Arizona, visit us at Santé. With locations throughout the Valley and in Tucson, we are here to provide the best possible environment for care and healing.

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