Nursing Care Facility | Advocating For A Family Member

nursing care facilityIf your family member is a resident of a nursing care facility, consider how you might advocate on their behalf. Your loved one may not be willing to speak up for him or herself, or they may not be able to do so physically.

Recognize that you may need to serve as their advocate once they’re a resident of a facility. Here are some tips to help.

  1. Speak Up – Respectfully

No matter how trivial a problem seems, if you or your loved on has a concern, bring it up with the staff. Do so in a professional and respectful way. Start with the front-line staff who work with your loved one on a daily basis. If the problem isn’t remedied to your satisfaction, seek out a member of the administrative team.

  1. Don’t Wait

Don’t wait until things reach a boiling point to identify a problem. The sooner a concern is identified, the sooner it can be fixed. And the goal of a high-quality nursing care facility is to ensure all guests are happy and healthy.

  1. Attend Care Plan Meetings

This is your opportunity to meet with staff members regarding your loved one’s care. Held regularly, these meetings include representatives of your loved one’s care team. By joining the meeting, you have the opportunity to express concerns, learn about the facility’s other service offerings and get to know caregivers a little better.

  1. Participate In Activities

A good nursing care facility should have regular activities for guests, and most encourage family members to participate. Get a copy of the schedule from the activities department and plan to attend some functions with your loved one. It’ll be a fun experience for everyone, and you’ll feel better connected to the facility.

We love feedback from our guests’ family members! Our staff is always willing to spend a few minutes chatting or finding ways to make your loved one more comfortable. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to any member of the  Santé team during visits.

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