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Short Term Therapy | Role Of Social Services

Social workers and social services professionals serve many vital purposes in skilled nursing settings. Whether your loved one is admitted for short term therapy or long term care, you will likely come in contact with a social worker before, during, and even after their stay. Social workers in the skilled nursing setting are often responsible for a wide variety of aspects of care and operations.

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Social services professionals often maintain relationships with potential clients and families, providing information about the facility and tours of the campus.

Admission and Discharge Planning

Assisting residents and their families as they plan for admission to and discharge from a skilled nursing facility also falls under the social services umbrella. This may include assisting families in funding the stay, planning for continuation of care at home after discharge and more.

Care Planning

Social workers participate in the care planning team for residents, providing valuable input as decisions are made about the resident’s required level of assistance, favorite activities, goals, and progress.


While all staff members advocate for resident needs and rights, the social worker is typically a go-to person for residents who have questions or concerns about their care. Social services professionals also play a vital role in educating all staff regarding residents’ rights, abuse, neglect and the elderly justice act.

Finance Management

Social services members are often called upon to assist residents with their in-house finance management. This means that whether they need assistance with banking or simply with the small amount of cash they keep on hand, they can trust social services staff to help.

Promoting Independence

Social workers promote independence and quality of life throughout the care planning process and beyond. This ensures residents maintain the highest level of dignity and satisfaction long-term.


Social workers are available to counsel residents and their families, as needed. They may assist in conflict resolution or talk residents through the emotions that may accompany recovery.

To learn how the qualified, caring social workers at Santé may be of assistance to you, visit us today. Whether you need short term therapy or long term care, we deliver at an unprecedented level.


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