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Making the Most of Your Short Term Care Stay

short term careShort term care in a skilled nursing setting is sometimes the best place to heal after injury, illness, or surgery. Compassionate, qualified professionals can ensure you have all the care and resources you need to fully heal. However, there are some steps you can take to participate and make the most of your short term care stay.

Participate in Activities

Activities programs are designed to provide entertainment, socialization, and life enrichment opportunities during your stay. Engaging with your peers can make your stay engaging and interesting and promote healing and happiness.

Take Advantage of the Help

Take advantage of having caregivers nearby 24 hours a day; once you get home, some tasks will be harder to complete. Ask for assistance when needed to ensure you don’t exacerbate injuries or break your restrictions.

Get Physical Therapy

Most skilled nursing facilities offer in-house physical or restorative therapy services. Getting physical therapy while you’re in a skilled nursing facility can be convenient and promote expedited healing and increased independence.

Eat A Balanced Diet

During your stay, delicious, well-balanced meals with multiple options are prepared three times daily, with nutritious snacks offered throughout the day. Take advantage of the options without having to do all of the work. Eating well can help you heal faster and stay healthy.

Get Plenty Of Rest

A good night’s sleep is often just what the doctor ordered. You can improve your sleep at night by avoiding daytime naps and using your bed only for sleep.

Visit With Social Services

Skilled nursing facilities have a social services department or staff member who can help you plan for your return home. You can make the most of your short term stay by planning for your return home – including planning for any in-home assistance you need – with social services before your discharge.

To begin planning for your short term care stay, contact our qualified professionals at your local Santé rehabilitation center today.

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