Care For Seniors After A Stroke

care for seniorsRecovering after a stroke is no easy feat. But if the patient and those who care for seniors are equally dedicated to a positive outcome, the odds of a full recovery improve.

Effect of a Stroke

Because a stroke can injure the brain, its effects can be widespread, directly impacting the way you think, speak, feel and move. Most people make improvements over time with the right combination of medical care, psychological care and therapy services. The goal of these services is to improve independence and quality of life for the patient.

Speech Therapy

Contrary to popular belief, speech therapy isn’t only designed to improve speech, but also to address swallowing and speech comprehension. Stroke victims may struggle to swallow food or drinks safely, to understand what others are saying and to verbalize their thoughts in order to communicate effectively. A strong speech therapy program aims to improve these skills after a stroke.

Physical Therapy

Many stroke patients experience paralysis on one side of the body to include the face, arm and leg on that side. Over time, the muscles affected can become tight and contracted. Physical therapists work with stroke victims to improve their strength and muscle control in hopes of regaining control over these muscles.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is the third piece of the stroke recovery puzzle. Occupational therapists aim to help stroke survivors relearn skills they need in order to take care of themselves. These may include dressing, bathing, transferring (moving from bed to wheelchair, etc.), driving, cleaning, cooking or regaining bowel and bladder control.

Skilled Nursing

Immediately following a stroke, many patients require an inpatient stay in a skilled nursing facility. Not only is this most convenient for daily therapy appointments as the patient doesn’t have to waste energy getting to and from these obligations, but it also provides the patient with daily care they are unable to complete independently.

To learn more about stroke recovery and care for seniors, consult Santé today.

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