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Post Acute Care | Getting Home

post acute careMost of the patients we see at Santé understand that rehabilitation is a necessity. Whether they have suffered from a serious illness or injury or are recovering from surgery, they realize that staying with us will help them on the road back to health. But, sometimes, when patients hear that they will require short term, post acute care, they may become disheartened and fear that it will be a long time before they get to go home.

However, quite the opposite is true when going to a short term, post acute care property that offers occupational therapy, coupled with physical and speech therapy services. The sole purpose of occupational therapy is to practice activities you do at home like bathing, making the bed or even folding laundry while working on mobility and increasing your strength after your hospital stay. For most patients, it can also include getting into and out of their home, in and out of bed, and onto the toilet without assistance. For others, it can mean writing letters or playing the piano.

Whatever it is that is most important to you, at Santé, we are here to help. We begin by closely evaluating your current level of ability and comparing that to your ideal skill level. We then design a custom treatment plan to rehabilitate and strengthen you in the most practical ways possible. The plan typically involves meeting several times weekly to practice and develop safe routines. In some cases, we may recommend specialized assistive equipment such as grabbers or canes. Finally, we re-evaluate you to determine whether you have met your goals and can safely return home. In most cases, patients return home sooner and have a better outcome following the completion of a short term rehabilitation program.

To learn more about Santé’s therapy program, short term, post acute care and an occupational therapy, call to schedule a consultation today. We’re the perfect match for your recovery!

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