While you may think of a speech therapist as somebody who helps kids overcome stutters and lisps, their scope of practice goes far beyond speech development and refinement in youth. In fact, speech and language pathologists are an important part of your rehabilitation team at Santé. So, what do speech therapists have to do with… Read More »

When you receive a life-altering diagnosis or suffer a life-threatening injury, your medical team tells you everything you need to know about the disease process, the treatment plan, and the recovery, but they often leave out how to cope with the emotional components of illness and injury. Medical social workers can be an invaluable resource… Read More »

Many of our clients at Santé are at increased risk of dehydration due to disease processes, medications, illness, or lack of mobility (and the Arizona heat often contributes), so preventing dehydration is an important component of many of our care plans. One of the most common symptoms of dehydration is a “dehydration headache.” Here’s everything… Read More »

Whether you’re recovering from illness, healing after an injury, or just aiming to stay fit and strong in the face of advancing age, strengthening bones and muscles is a key component of your plan. The experts at Santé Home Health & Rehab have comprised these expert tips to help you along your journey. They can… Read More »