Month: June 2017

Seniors and adults dealing with illness or disability may benefit from in-home care. This can include post-acute rehabilitation that takes place after a stay in a hospital or facility, individualized services such as occupational or speech therapy, managing medications, and assistance with daily tasks. Many patients have a relative who provides at least part of… Read More »

Everything changes the day you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness. There are treatment options to consider, family discussions to schedule and choices to be make about care. One of the most crucial decisions for a terminally ill patient to make is whether hospice or palliative care is the best option. According to the Center to… Read More »

Hospice and palliative care share the same priority—providing the best possible care for someone with a serious illness. Terminal illness is one of the most difficult issues anyone can face, whether you are dealing with symptoms personally or helping a loved one through the process. During this time, it’s important to focus on the quality… Read More »

Watching a loved one cope with illness is difficult. When that illness involves memory loss, it can be even tougher on friends and family. Approximately 47 million people worldwide are afflicted with dementia, according to recent World Health Organization (WHO) estimates.  That number is expected to nearly triple by the year 2050. At Santé, our… Read More »