While long-term care, rehabilitation, and hospice are household terms, many people are confused when their loved one’s doctor recommends palliative care. At Santé, we understand the importance of learning as much as you can about your loved one’s options while they face challenges associated with disease.  To help you prepare yourself and your loved one for next… Read More »

A stroke can leave behind devastating disabilities in its wake, but stroke survivors are often able to regain a measure of independence with patience and targeted therapy.

Recovering from a serious injury, trauma or illness is challenging mentally, physically and emotionally. Caregivers, family and friends must be prepared to support all of these needs in their loved one. While the physical aspects will often improve on an expected trajectory, emotional support is critical to full recovery. Without a network of caring individuals, it's too easy for someone in recovery to slide into a state of depression or anxiety.

It’s natural for our bodies to change as we age. As metabolism slows, vision can decline and elderly adults may have difficulties with balance and movement. Here at Santé, we understand how important healthy living is for seniors. By making a few simple lifestyle changes and paying close attention to the body’s signals, your loved one can live longer, stronger and happier. Check out our helpful infographic below for a handful of helpful healthy living tips for seniors.