Santé’s unique continuum of care focuses on providing the best possible outcome for patients and their loved ones throughout the course of their journey. See what our guests and their families have to say about their experience:

“OT & PT who accomplished a dream of mine, to walk again”

Hindman 3
“After several hospitals and rehabs, I was sent to Santé of N. Scottsdale. I have been here for 5 weeks and received the best of care. The staff, nurses, aides, janitorial, cafeteria and laundry are superior. Especially the OT and PT who accomplished a dream of mine, to walk again. This I owe a depth of gratitude to all of them. All I can say now is thank you Santé you, Santé are the best!” – Mary H

“On several occasions I experienced employees going beyond the norm to help me…”

“I wanted to take the time to include a written response in order to emphasize my positive feelings regarding my stay at Santé of Chandler. Now, more than a month after my release from your rehab center, I still feel it is worth noting my very positive reflection on my stay. I have had at least some experience with care and staff competence in elderly care facilities but none in a rehab center. That said, I was very impressed to realize I encountered not a single staff member who wasn’t competent and maintained a quite positive attitude. How refreshing. In fact, it seemed to me that many of your staff members are more competent than their position called for. On several occasions I experienced employees going beyond the norm to help me or other patients. (For example: while taking a cup of coffee and roll back to my room in a wheelchair, a member of the housekeeping staff noticing my difficulty handling this, interrupted her cleaning to volunteer to take my coffee and roll to my room for me. That was very helpful and appreciated.) Physical therapy instructors were always upbeat and very responsive to the specific needs of our injuries and took steps to deal with any problems we had. To the extent possible, I think we all had fun and progressed physically too. In short, the competence and the attitude of your staff, the quality of the food, and the overall atmosphere in your facility were such that I would not hesitate to highly recommend Santé of Chandler to anyone needing post injury rehab.” R.F.

“The staff were very attentive and willing to lend an ear and provide moral support…”

“On behalf of our family, who had been at Santé this past week, I would like to thank all the staff at Santé who cared for her up to her passing on the evening of January 9. We had been virtually living there for a week and the staff were very attentive and willing to lend an ear and provide moral support and guidance, it meant a lot to us especially given most of the family could not be there. A special mention to Michelle, who was a big source of strength and was there at her passing. Her support that evening was something we will remember for a long time to come. Once again, wonderful staff who made us feel welcome. Thank you again.”

“The name Santé was certainly well chosen.”

“Santé comes from the French word Santé meaning health. A rehabilitation center is responsible for many phases of its patients lives while restoring the abilities that they have lost, potentially due to an accident of disease. Care is supervised by medical staff. Doctor’s orders are carried out by nursing staff. Pleasant surroundings are very very helpful to maintaining a positive attitude from the patient. Nutritious, tasty, and appealing food is another key element. Encouragement from all staff is key to patient improvement. A caring attitude pervades all staff from management to medical, floor staff, therapy, culinary, custodial and transportation. Words of encouragement even affection are common place. The name Santé was certainly well chosen.” -D.L. – N. Scottsdale

“Thank you for an experience I will never forget.”

“After being a guest here for a week, I wanted to bring to your attention that I am completely amazed at the dedication from each and every one of your staff members…from the cleaners, servers, all the way to the host up front…your therapists are amazing and so caring about the progress of each and every one of us on a personal level. When I return home I will be telling everyone about your dedication and amazing facility. In our rooms it has little surveys to see if any certain employee stood out and made an impression on us while we were here,…well this is to let you know that there is no way I could pick just one, not even 5 without be unfair to the rest of your outstanding employees! they were courteous, attentive, and they prom ply took care of every need and went beyond to make sure I was comfortable! And your therapists showed such dedication to the needs of my situation. You should be very proud of each and every one of your staff, they are truly dedicated to upholding the reputation of this facility. When I posted pictures of where I was, I had many friends and relatives drive all the way here to see for themselves. Thank You so much for your services and kindness! Santé’ rates 100% in every area and I will be letting family and friends know where they can get excellent quality assistance in recovery along with being treated with respect! Once again Thank you for an experience that I will never forget!” –JG

“I received outstanding care from all the staff.”

“This is a wonderful place for healing on all levels: physical, psychological, emotional, social, and spiritual. I received outstanding care from all the staff. They are caring and compassionate individuals who cannot do enough for me and helped me reach my goals for healing. The food and service in the Preserve restaurant were excellent. The meals were always tasty and the servers were always available to meet my needs/requests. Santé’s organization is outstanding. The staff and management are always willing to assist when needed and eager to make my stay pleasant. Hats off Santé- I will always remember my incredible healing experience I had here in North Scottsdale. Thank you!” -PR

“I am leaving with great hope of a full recovery.”

“I arrived here on the 22nd of April, I was in a great deal of pain and very dejected. In the short period of time that I have been here, I am leaving with great hope of a full recovery. Thanks to the wonderful care I have received from the employees of Santé of Surprise. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.”-SB

“I thank God for places like this…”

“I have recently undergone my 7th abdominal surgery, it has been quite the extensive; over 9.5 hour surgery on April 25th. I came to Santé on May 2nd, the care received here was better than the hospital. I thank God for places like this where people can come recover and get the strength back in their life. It has been a God send. I wish I could think of one thing negative but I can’t. From housekeeping, culinary and nursing staff, you feel like you’re at a resort 24 hours a day.” – LD

“Good, Better, Best- Never Let it Rest.”

“My wife was so fortunate to have had her rehab at Santé of Mesa. I visited 6 rehab locations in the East Valley. This showed the best. I shared my observations with an independent therapist. He said Santé of Mesa is at the top of those I visited. First impressions: appearance, tour presentation, smiling welcoming staff. There is integrity: appearance and performance- you exceed what you appear to be. Operations, maitainence, therapy, room care, food et al do exceed expectations, staff are the best. Onward our blessings. “Good, better, best- never let it rest”. You are an example of Collins “Good to Great”- you have the right folks on the Santé of Mesa bus.”
-Edward S.