Walking or hiking is a great, low-impact way to maintain your health and weight, tone your muscles, and keep your joints in good health. Walking can also be an integral element in your physical rehabilitation and occupational therapy plan following a stroke, injury, or other serious illness. Here, we’ll break down some of the best… Read More »

Chronic joint pain can result from stroke, injury, illness, or the effects of aging on the body. Unmanaged joint pain can pose a significant risk in that it can limit mobility, in turn causing a decrease in muscle mass, stiffness, weight gain, health decline, and even increased joint pain. The good news? Taking a few… Read More »

At Santé, our post acute rehab program is designed to strengthen you and increase your independence following stroke, surgery, or other illness or injury. The goal is to allow you to return home, where you can continue to do your rehabilitation exercises to maintain that independence and prevent further injury long-term. Here are some simple… Read More »

If you’ve been told that you may need short term rehabilitation, your first question may have been, “How long is short term rehab?” The most simple answer is that short term rehab can vary between patients and their individual circumstances. Several factors may impact the length of your stay, all of which are designed to… Read More »