Post acute rehabilitation following injuries, surgeries, and serious illnesses is most successful when patients are healthy. What steps can you take to maintain optimal health before a surgical procedure to ensure the fastest recovery and best possible outcome? Here are some suggestions: Take a multivitamin daily. Ask your doctor which multivitamin he or she recommends for you and… Read More »

As a short term care property, our goal at Santé is to not only get you home sooner, but to provide you with the skills you need to live as independently as possible when you get there. Why? Because independence at home improves quality of life. Most patients take great pride in the things they… Read More »

Slips, trips, and falls are not only a leading cause of injury among senior citizens, but also a much more significant risk following previous illness or injury. As a short term care, nursing and rehab facility, we have seen patients who have injured themselves doing the simplest of activities. By taking the following measures, you… Read More »

Most of the patients we see at Santé understand that rehabilitation is a necessity. Whether they have suffered from a serious illness or injury or are recovering from surgery, they realize that staying with us will help them on the road back to health. But, sometimes, when patients hear that they will require short term,… Read More »