Some patients worry about how they will pay for a skilled nursing facility stay. But there are many options available to ensure patients and residents are able to get the care they need without worrying about how to pay. Most nursing facilities work with patients and residents to arrange for payment of services, pairing them… Read More »

Social workers and social services professionals serve many vital purposes in skilled nursing settings. Whether your loved one is admitted for short term therapy or long term care, you will likely come in contact with a social worker before, during, and even after their stay. Social workers in the skilled nursing setting are often responsible… Read More »

As you age, it is not uncommon to lose muscle tone and muscle mass or experience joint pain and stiffness. These changes can limit mobility and result in decreased independence. However, the right restorative or physical therapy for elderly patients and residents can play a critical role in their overall function and quality of life.… Read More »

Short term care in a skilled nursing setting is sometimes the best place to heal after injury, illness, or surgery. Compassionate, qualified professionals can ensure you have all the care and resources you need to fully heal. However, there are some steps you can take to participate and make the most of your short term… Read More »