Imagine your mom or dad has spent a few days in the hospital recovering from an illness or other event. When you get to the hospital to drive your parent home, you discover he or she needs home health care services. Do you know where to turn? Would you just search for home health care… Read More »

Whether you need a Medicare skilled nursing facility for yourself or a loved one, understanding the qualifications of your caregivers can provide peace of mind throughout your stay. Here, we’ll break down the training, educating, and certification or licensure process for the nursing professionals here at Santé. Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) are qualified to assist… Read More »

After suffering an illness or injury, many patients are not able to immediately return to work. Because time away from work can be personally and financially challenging, expediting the recovery process is often a priority for patients in situations like this. In this blog post, we’ll share the role of occupational therapy in the return-to-work… Read More »

What is a skilled nursing facility? Is it just a fancy name for a nursing home? While many of the services are the same, a skilled nursing facility offers much more. At Santé, we are a skilled nursing facility that provides our patients with transitional and post-acute rehabilitation services under the expert care of licensed… Read More »